Announcing ForkOut

Connecting Restaurants & Influencers

Announcing ForkOut

December 5, 2017 News 0

We are delighted to announce our first application, ForkOut. After a year of work, we have shipped version 1.0,  ready for public use.

ForkOut simplifies the mess of apps people use to coordinate going out to eat. Stop using multiple different apps for finding reviews and deals, messaging friends, and comparing travel options. Just download ForkOut.

Group decisions can be difficult to make. ForkOut streamlines the process by allowing the group organizer to suggest restaurants and letting group members vote. Restaurant reviews are linked to right in the app, and everyone can see each other’s location and votes in real time.

Once a restaurant has been selected, ForkOut will price compare ride-sharing services as well as automatically notify the group when someone arrives at the location. No more awkward “Are you there yet?” texts.

ForkOut works with partners like The Lansdowne Pub, The Chicken & Rice Guys, and others to promote locations and connect businesses with groups of people looking for a friendly atmosphere. “Our main goal is to make going out to eat simple and easy,” says Tang.

To that end, ForkOut’s all-in-one platform starts with discovery, integrating Yelp’s API to surface the best options nearby. Users can then select friends, vote on restaurant options, message each other, and see the best ways to get to their choice. It’s also easy to see how far away everyone is, to better coordinate travel.

ForkOut is a free app for iOS and Android phones and available in the US.